How to Effectively Brand Your Online Business

Your online brand is the virtual you to the world, which is why it is vital to pay attention to the image it, portrays to your target market. But unfortunately a lot of times online branding is gravely misunderstood and thus it leaves a lot of small to medium size business at their wits ends about how to move forward.


Here are a four tried and tested ways of making your presence felt online and creating your desired brand image for its target market:

Work on your home base: Your Business Website.
Your brands website is the hub of all your online branding activities; this is why it is important that it be as perfect as possible. Hire a professional website designing firm like the eStore Seller and let them assist you in creating a website that lets you put your best online foot forward.

To begin with, make sure your website gives a clear and comprehensive picture of your brand. It needs to be able to clearly transmit the look, feel, and sound of your online brand. Get it designed in a manner that helps visitors navigate it as easily as they would through a real storefront or office – give your customers as much freedom to explore and experience your brand once they are in your virtual store. Offer something unique, like a backstage pass for them to see what makes you and your business tick.

Make sure that your design firm pays attention to every detail, like displaying your brand colors through out the virtual store. Cleverly incorporate into the graphics, fonts, and logos into the interior and play it us as much as possible. Offer high quality content for added value for your visitors like free downloads, videos, or informational articles.

Create a Buzz: Start talking about your business.
There is nothing like great communication to get your message across to the world. This is why once your virtual store is firmly in place, the next big thing to do is to start a blog and start talking about your business. This will give you a platform to create your own community and share the concept and ideas behind what makes your product better than all your competitors. But here are a few things you need to keep in mind before rushing into a blog:

• Keep your blog focused on what you want to communicate to your target audience. Give them real value by publishing content that helps solve problems and gains you more goodwill and potential customers.

• Don’t just focus your blog on your product and its promotion. Remember it’s a blog not an advertisement.

• Find ways of keeping your readers engaged by asking questions, mentioning them, and responding to their suggestions and comments.

Make your presence felt: Appear on other websites.
Your brand is new at the moment, which does not offer you much traction as yet. This basically means that even if you have started your brand blog, it is yet to become popular and your readership is still quite low. A great way of over coming this is by contributing to other blogs, which are more popular and will give you a wider audience. Here is how to get on to someone else’s blog:

• Offer to write guest blogs on industry pages. Blogging sites are forever looking for quality content, so if you feel up to it, contribute your online merchandising experiences or by offering valuable article.  Do your research before offering your content; examine the kind of content they usually publish.

• Offer yourself as an expert source. Make sure your blogs show quality and expertise in the field you are writing about. If you are good, a lot of journalists and bloggers will be interested in following you online.

Become Visible: Join the social media revolution
Whatever your brand or business might be, you can be sure that your target audience, potential customers, competitors, and peers are all on social media – which means you have to be there as well.

Your presence on social media is just as crucial as your website, your blog, and other web content in strengthening your brand. However, make sure you remember that social media is a conversation tool, and should not be abused as an advertisement opportunity.

Create a prolific profile on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc,. Once you are there, keep your  audience engaged, ask questions, offer advice, and share helpful content and resources. Keep talking about your business as subtle as possible so as not to put off people from talking to you

One thought on “How to Effectively Brand Your Online Business

  1. Informative post on business branding. Very helpful for online seller who want to improve customer engagement and loyalty. Thanks for sharing.

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